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The Odds of Blackjack Dealer Bust

2008-04-23 The odds of busting by the blackjack dealer can significantly help blackjack players exercise good judgment on making the best hand play in blackjack. Read Full Article

Basic Strategy through Dealer's Bust Percentage

2008-04-23 The basic strategy in blackjack will teach players the correct hand play by basing their decisions from the bust percentage of the blackjack dealer. Read Full Article

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Dealer's Bust on Blackjack Card Counting

2008-04-23 The blackjack dealer's bust percentage can be assessed by a player through card counting method that can inspire them to make a good hand play. Read Full Article

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An Asset to Blackjack Players

2008-04-23 The bust percentage of a dealer in blackjack can become an asset for blackjack players to base on when making a certain hand decision from their game. Read Full Article

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Strategy Relative to Dealer's Bust Percentage

2008-04-23 One good strategy of playing blackjack is to obtain the best hand decision relative to the bust percentage of the blackjack player's cards. Read Full Article

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Dealer's Disadvantage Play on High Bust Percentage

2008-04-23 High bust percentage on the blackjack dealer's cards will likely give them a disadvantage play where the odd is more favorable to a blackjack player. Read Full Article

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Double Down on Blackjack Dealer's Bust Percentage

2008-04-23 Doubling down based on the dealer's bust percentage offers a promising profit to win by a blackjack player against the dealer's cards. Read Full Article

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A Player's Odd against Blackjack Dealers

A player can significantly know their odds when playing against the blackjack dealer based from the bust percentage of the dealer's up cards value.Read Full Article

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